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Importance of Private Pay Clients to NEMT Businesses

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

With private pay, you’ll almost always receive your payment up front without any hidden fees, in whatever method is most convenient for both parties. But the benefits of private pay don’t end here. There are even more ways you’ll be sure to make an extra buck or two as you gain more private pay customers. You’ve probably had your fair share of no shows since starting your business. While a reliable NEMT dispatch software will help prevent no shows, life happens and there’s always a chance a person will have to cancel. Since you make all the rules in this case, you have complete authority to charge for one-way transport if your client is a no show. Having this information available to your customers up front is important, though, and ideally prevents no shows from happening at all.

Private Pay Clients for NEMT

In some cases, you may have customers who live a significant distance outside of the city you’re located in who need a ride into that same city for their appointment. In this case, you’re driving a great distance outside of your usual radius, and you’ll be without a patient for two legs of the trip. These added miles are called deadhead miles. Once again, you make the rules here, but the best way to charge for these miles is by defining a radius around your location, and deciding how far outside of that area you’re willing to travel before charging extra. When a trip falls outside of that zone, you can charge the extra fee. Another notable advantage of doing business with private pay clients is their tendency to travel during off-peak hours in addition to regular business hours. If they need a ride outside of regular business hours, including weekends and holidays, you’ll receive a bigger payment for those special trips.

Private Pay Clients for Senior Transportation

All customers are important in keeping your Senior Transportation business running smoothly, but private pay customers are the key to boosting your profit quickly. With private pay clients, you have more freedom to decide pricing and rates, and you’ll receive your payments much faster than you would with other patients. The best way to attract these customers is by keeping your online presence up to date. Make sure you appear in Google searches, and make it known on your website and social media that you accept private pay. As you work to better your business, improve the quality and capabilities of your services, and grow your customer base, you’ll find the right balance between insured and private pay clients for a successful operation.

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