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Is it profitable to start a student transportation business?

Updated: Apr 12

The need to travel from one point to another is an essential part of our lives and there are loads of entrepreneurs taking advantage of this human need to build a business. The truth is that business is all about solving problems; the more problems you solve for people, the more reward you will get. If you are looking to start a business in the transportation industry, then one of your best bet is to start a school bus transportation service. School bus transportation services involve transporting school children from their homes to their schools and back. The fact that there are loads of schools in the United States means that school bus transportation services is needed.

This type of business could be capital intensive or moderate depending on the number of school buses you want to put out there and the number of schools you want to work with. But one thing is certain, the school bus transportation business is indeed a profitable and thriving business if it is well located.

Owners of school buses are well advised to engage target markets in multiple ways. This mainly includes annual contracts with schools, colleges and educational institutions for a specified fee. However, bus owners can also look at engaging with families and other customers in areas that are far flung and cut off from the mainstream. This is mainly done on a fee based model. The first challenge for entrepreneurs pertains to obtaining affordable yet reliable buses for the business. A startup cannot afford to waste money and this is where entrepreneurial and negotiation skills play a huge part in saving money without compromising on quality and safety.

How to Start a Student Transportation Business

You can often look for used school buses which often require minor repairs to be really road worthy. Leasing out a bus fleet helps secure vehicles and pay EMIs for loans taken for the same. This is often a great option for those unable to source financing for a direct purchase upfront. Choosing the right drivers and helpers is another important activity. This necessitates conducting background checks, complying with guidelines and of course, proper training in first aid and behavioral conduct with children. Always go for drivers and staff with proper experience in transportation of children instead of those with no references. This ensures a little more security initially.

There are multiple safety and security guidelines that you have to follow and learn about especially with regard to getting your vehicles registered and licensed. Alongside, you will also have to work out a maintenance plan that is periodic and does not eat into your pockets at the same time. You should always have sound knowledge of your competitors and should look to offer something unique that sets you apart from the same.

Starting a Student Transportation business

You will be able to get loads of advice from seasoned campaigners in the school bus business and this will help you a lot with regard to managing and running your outfit successfully. The key thing to believe in is your own passion and hard work!

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