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Accessible transportation services are critical for enabling older adults to live independently. The vast majority of older adults – nearly 90%, according to AARP – choose to age in place in their homes and communities. 


Successful community living requires access to medical and other essential services. While the health impact of reduced access to needed medical services is obvious (missed appointments, emergency hospital visits, lack of continual care), social isolation due to lack of transportation can have an equally negative effect on health and mental health. Without accessible, reliable and affordable transportation, many more older adults could face the possibility of placement in a long-term care facility. 


Senior Transportation Franchise Benefits

Just like we stated above, starting this business can be relatively easy, with just a car and a phone you are good to go. But when you start out, you will need business cards and flyers or brochures to pass out to potential customers and health care providers who refer customers to you. This is why you need to decide; do I start from the scratch just like 79% of businesses in this industry or do I leverage a proven plan and take the market by storm? 


Indeed the two options above have both benefits and disadvantages. Starting from the scratch or buying a franchise doesn’t determine success, but can help you mold a clean path. Indeed this business is a goal oriented business and a competitive business where big fishes are swimming deeper and the little ones are struggling to grow bigger. Innovation, commitment and brand popularity are important incentives that can guarantee success in this industry and only buying into a franchise can provide that easily. 

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NEMT Franchise Guide

Yes building from the scratch gives you proper control over the growth and size of your business but it will take more time, struggling and commitments to be able to attract the service users. The industry is fast growing and has gone beyond you plying the cities in search of business, buying a franchise gives you leverage over start up downfalls and challenges. 

Now is the time to act, if you’ve ever considered being your own boss, while providing exceptional and much needed services to your community, join as a franchise owner today and share in our success. 

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