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Requirements for starting up  Medical Transportation company vary from state to state. First, call your local Dept. Health and Human Services and enquire what your obligations are. Registering your business name and getting a business license are also other requirements to start up. 



Since you are interested in starting a NEMT business, you probably know that non-emergency medical transportation services help people with disabilities get to their appointments, therapies, health check-ups, etc. Over the past 20 years, the demand for such transportation has risen, and in 2017 there were 41 million US citizens registered as people with disabilities. All of those people need to get to their doctors, so starting a NEMT company today can become an incredibly profitable investment in the future.  

Here are the steps in starting your new medical transportation company services today. 

Medical Transportation Business 

Legal structure: This means first and foremost that you need to decide on the company’s legal structure. Consider sole proprietorship, partnership, or LLC; while LLC is actually the most reliable and perspective form of business (it separates and protects your personal assets from your business assets), you can always choose sole proprietorship to get started. 


Legal documents: To get your business up and running, you need to deal with all required operation permits, certificates, and licenses for the business. The requirements heavily depend on your state and even city. Yet the standard requirement is to submit a copy of a Medical Transportation Provider Application Package (can be found in the local health care services department) and special drivers licensing requirements from the local Department of Driver Services. 

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Medical Transportation Vehicles 

After establishing the company, get your fleet in order. Select special vehicles or even just a single van to begin. Ensure that your vehicles are safe, reliable, customized for your prospective clients, and that they are supplied with all required accessibility equipment. You can check ADA (Americans with Disabilities) vehicle requirements to stay competitive and be approved by your government agency. 

When selecting your fleet seller, try to cooperate with factory-direct dealers to save on middleman charges. 

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