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Marketing Your NEMT Business

In this day and age website creation, social media involvement, and app development are essential in the growth of a successful NEMT business. So a few tips on each: 


Getting your name out there is key: 

– make business cards and drop them off at local facilities. 

– make sure your business name and phone number is on all of your vehicles. 

– a business website that pops up in a search when people are looking for services. 

– a small yellow page ad. 

– as always, word of mouth and referrals are key. 

– flyers, pamphlets and local newspaper ads are always great start up marketing ideas. 

NEMT Website Marketing Strategy

Website: Your website must be simple and intuitive; make sure to include the following pages: Home with logo, tagline, high-resolution photos and contact info; About with a brief introduction of the company; Services with prices and service areas; Testimonials with reviews and customers’ testimonials; Contact with your contact info, email, contact form, and social media links. 


Social media: Set up several accounts on the most popular social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Get connected to the local groups, hospitals, medical centers and influencers to spread the word about your business. And don’t forget to regularly update your accounts to keep the audience interested. 


Yes, you need to advertise and connect with the audience via social media portals and standard marketing means. However, hospitals and medical centers can offer some of the greatest profit. Get your marketing materials ready (brochures, business cards) and visit local hospitals, nursing homes, doctors’ offices, community clinics, adult day/live-in care, and lab facilities to set up bulk and long-lasting relationships with these establishments. In this way, you can get more clients at a time and already get your business going. Keep in mind also, insurance companies can become a reliable partner for NEMT services. 


With these four steps, you will set up a successful, prosperous, and efficient NEMT business regardless of its size. 

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Senior Transportation Marketing 

The best way to get customers is to advertise your business. While there is a cost attached to most forms of advertising, there are ways to promote your business that will cost you next to nothing in the long run. Business cards, posters, vehicle signage and networking for contacts will all serve to funnel traffic to your business. 

Once you complete these seven key steps you will be that much closer to having a profitable senior transportation business. Failure to complete all of these steps will have a huge effect on your success.  


If you are seeking a way to provide a dependable income from helping others, consider starting your own senior transportation business. The start-up costs are low and your customers genuinely appreciate what you do for them. 

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