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Some companies in this NEMT field target private paying customers. This type of customer typically pays full price, and if you treat them well and take the time to develop a relationship with them, you can expect repeat sales. For this type of client, profit margins are extremely high. However, you will need to advertise to them at first before you establish a strong reputation and begin receiving 'word of mouth' referrals.

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What are Private Pay NEMT Clients?

All customers are important in keeping your NEMT business running smoothly, but private pay customers are the key to boosting your profit quickly. With private pay clients, you have more freedom to decide pricing and rates, and you’ll receive your payments much faster than you would with other patients.


The best way to attract these customers is by keeping your online presence up to date. Make sure you appear in Google searches, and make it known on your website and social media that you accept private pay. As you work to better your business, improve the quality and capabilities of your services, and grow your customer base, you’ll find the right balance between insured and private pay clients for a successful operation.  

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Benefits of private pay clients for NEMT 

Private pay clients should be a main focus of your business for many reasons. If you’ve never thought about this group of clientele before, or you’re still hesitant about the impact, read on to see how private pay clients can boost your company’s profits and how your business can benefit from servicing this group.  


For starters, you can set your own NEMT rates of reimbursement with private pay customers. Private pay customers offer higher margins compared to other forms of reimbursement, so you can assume that right off the bat, you’ll receive higher compensation for just one trip. Additionally, these clients will pay you right away by cash, check, credit card, or whatever other payment method you agree upon. With insured patients, you have to wait weeks or even months to receive a reimbursement. But private pay doesn’t have to be submitted to an insurance company, so the transaction is completed right when the trip ends. Plus, private pay doesn’t have any built-in regulations or collection procedures like you’ll find with Medicaid and brokers. 

Get More NEMT Private Pay Clients 

There are a variety of ways to get private pay medical transportation clients for your NEMT business.  We will help you uncover all of the different ways to generate revenue in the NEMT Industry like Workers Compensation transportation, Medicaid Broker Transportation and Private Pay Transportation. As people get old their dependence on others increases. People grow older and become unable to drive on their own, requiring the use of alternative modes of transportation. The demand for senior transportation services is increasing.

Transportation is critical for elderly people because it allows them to access essential resources quickly and easily. They can live comfortably and handle their everyday life without relying on anyone because appropriate resources are available. Seniors may take advantage of a variety of programs, including medical care and grocery shopping. Wheelchair-bound elderly may also take advantage of specialized transportation facilities.

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