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Choosing a NEMT Vehicle 

Typically, business owners start up with one to two vehicles and gradually add more as business increases. The most common vans used for transport have the following: 

– raised roof and doorways, clients are able to enter from the side or the rear of the vehicle. 

– manual lists or hydraulic. 

securing devices for wheelchair clients. 

– vans should be able to accommodate both wheelchair and ambulatory clients. 

– don’t forget to buy good paratransit dispatch software to schedule and dispatch rides. 

Insurance policies 

Hiring NEMT Vehicle Drivers

Hiring drivers and office staff are essential to grow your business. As the owner, you want to be able to free yourself to market and manage the business. Drivers should have a valid drivers license. Some states require certain licenses such as a Public Passenger License (PPL). Some states also require drivers to get certain training. Defensive driving courses, CPR certifications, and knowing how to properly assist passengers getting in and out of vehicles. An essential staffing requirement is to be respectful to clients and build a positive reputation. 

Image by Markus Winkler

NEMT Vehicle Insurance

You will need to purchase auto insurance to cover your vehicles. A general liability policy to ensure your clients are covered if an accidents happens while they are in your vehicle. An auto policy to cover any damages done to your vehicle, stolen or any other traffic incidents. 


You will need to purchase a Workers comp. policy to protect your employees if injured on a work related accident. 

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